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The Westwood Womens Soccer Booster Club 

Keep Informed - Download TeamApp

This year we will again be using Team App as our primary source of communication for weekly updates, schedules, and other information during the soccer season.  Last year was our first year using it, and it really helped with communication. As the season begins, we will be transitioning away from email. We are asking that all players and parents join Team App before the season begins so we can be sure that everyone is getting all of the updates from the coaches and the booster club.

Click here to view a flyer with more information about getting Team App.


  • Next meeting: Monday, Februrary 4th, 6-7:00 p.m. in the War Room.
  • Boosters are encouraged to attend all Booster Club meetings, typically the 1st Wednesday of the month, 6-7 p.m. in the WAR Room, although the datecould change based on conflicts.
  • Directions to the WAR Room: When facing the gym from the student parking lot, enter the building through the leftmost door. Walk down the hallway. The WAR Room is the first door on your left.

2018-2019 Booster Club Board Members

    Office       Volunteer      Email Contact
President Joe and Dana Concannon
Vice President  Devi Choudhury
Treasurer Allyson Tinker
Secretary Megan Fisher
Parliamentarian Kim Wyrick


Booster Committees

It takes each of us to give our coaches and teams the support they need while keeping any one booster from being overwhelmed. Please join a great group of fun, engaged volunteers to make things run smoothly for all. We need YOU! 

Contact a booster board member or committee chair and let them know where you can help:

  • Sponsorship Committee - Paul Valenzuela, Chair (
    • Co-Chair - Chris Zahm (
    • Additional committee members - OPEN
    • All Boosters are encouraged to obtain sponsors using this form which explains the levels. Contact Paul or Chris with any questions.
  • Communications Committee - Karen Larrea, Chair (
    • Website - Jeff French
    • Team APP - Karen Larrea
    • Home Game Programs - Megan Fisher
    • Game announcer: Javier Larrea
    • Social Media - Rosie Valenzuela
    • Sponsor/Family banners - Megan Fisher
    • End-of-Season Memory Book & Slideshow - Megan Fisher
    • Additional committee members - OPEN
  • Food & Concessions Committee - Michelle Gregory, Chair (
    • Co-Chair - Julie Burns
    • Shopper/Inventory Mgt - OPEN
    • Concession Sign-ups - OPEN
    • PDQ Order & Pick-up - OPEN
    • Closers - OPEN
    • Team Dinners & Coach Meals  - OPEN
    • Additional committee members - Jackie Garcia
  • Spirit Committee - D'Lynne Johnson ( and D'Anna White (, Co-Chairs
    • Spirit Night - OPEN
    • Blankets, scarves - Devi Choudhury
    • Yard signs, bag tags - Kim Wyrick
    • Locker decorations - Jennifer Toupin (varsity), Petra Doktar (JV)
    • Senior Flowers, mugs - OPEN
    • Year-end Banquet - Julie Burns, Jackie Garcia, Michelle Gregory, Jennifer Toupin
    • Announcers - OPEN
  • Scholarship Committee - Devi Choudhury, Chair (
    • Committee members - Megan Fisher, Petra Doktar, Laura Zahm, Stephanie Kolodzinski, Joe Concannon
  • Audit Committee - Allyson Tinker (, Chair (Non-participant in the actual audit)
    • Committee members - Darren Burns, Jeff French

Support the Booster Club

Besides volunteering, you can support the booster club by:

About the Booster Club

We are parents and other supporters of Westwood women's socccer who help our teams by:

  • raising money for items the district budget doesn't cover, such as pinnies, goalie gloves, quality balls, coaches clinics, meals and hotels for out of town tournaments
  • coordinating events in support of our hardworking teams and coaches
  • working concessions during games
  • maintaining the team website and disseminating booster club news
  • providing for scholarship funding to qualifying graduating seniors

We are a 501c3 non-profit. Contact info:

  • Email address:
  • Mailing address: Westwood Women’s Soccer Booster Club, PO Box 201191 Austin TX 78720