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Warriors K.O. Dragons

Warriors K.O. Dragons

By Hayden Swanson, Reporter
February 9, 2019

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The varsity girls' basketball team exacted their revenge against the Round Rock Dragons on Friday, Feb. 8 after a devastating defeat a couple weeks prior. This game determined which of the two teams would make it to the playoffs, making it the fifth time in a row for the Warriors.

"I'm really proud of the team," Christie French '19 said. "We have high standards, so we expect to make it this far, but I'm glad we came out with the win. We were definitely nervous [about the game], but we kept in mind who Round Rock's star players were, and we kept them under control. Everything just fell into place after that."

Despite the game being at McNeil High School, a massive amount of students were in attendance to cheer the Warriors on. Principal Mario Acosta was among them.

"We're really proud of the girls. They had a really good season," Mr. Acosta said. "It's always good to beat Round Rock. Coach Davalos is a really good coach, and he had them ready to win."

The Warriors fell to the Dragons twice during the season, and the pressure was on for them to win. By halftime, the Warriors were only up by two points, but managed to gain a very substantial lead during the third quarter, and finished the game with a more than 10 point lead at 54-38.

"We like to be in the playoffs. We expect to be in the playoffs. We think we should be in the playoffs," Coach Doug Davalos said. "It's exciting, and don't get me wrong, we beat a very good Round Rock team. Westwood and Round Rock have a very long history. We just happened to get them this time. We're excited, and when half the state is done playing and we're still playing, it's nice."

With the regular season over, the Warriors will now participate in the first round of the playoffs.