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Warriors Dominate District

Warriors Dominate District
Your State Champion Tennis Team is in their individual season right now and competed at the District Championship the past two days.  Can't tell you how well they performed and played lights out throughout the entire tournament.  There are 5 events and 10 spots to qualify for the Regional Tournament.  We took 7 of 10 spots!  Huge day for Westwood.  
Boys Singles
1. Daniel Antov - District Champion
2. Moh Elchouemi - Regional Qualifier
Mixed Doubles
1. Gaurav Singh/Kiana Graham - District Champion
2. Sidh Pandit/Sofie Kardonik - Regional Qualifier
Girls Singles
1. Jessica Lu - District Champion
Boys Doubles
2. Ani Margam/Varun Somarouthu - Regional Qualifier
Girls Doubles
2. Flora He/Michelle Duan - Regional Qualifier
Thanks and SKO' WOOD!