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Class of 2016

Class of 2016


Plans after Westwood

 Garrett Mott will attend The University of Texas at Austin and major in Physics. After graduation he plans to go on and teach either High School or College Physics.

 Greg Raper signed his National Letter of Intent to swim for Seattle University and will study Cell and Molecular Biology. He plans to pursue a graduate degree in either Forensic Pathology or Law after graduating from Seattle U.

Maggie Chan plans to attend The University of Texas at Austin and study Kinesiology. She plans to go on to Physical Therapy school after graduation. Her advice to the younger and future members of the team is, "Enjoy the little, mundane things! Those are the memories you look back on."

Bree Lyerly committed to swim for Hendrix College. She hasn't yet decided what she will study at Hendrix.

Dhruva Athreya will attend The University of Texas at Austin and study Neuroscience. His advice to the future team is, "Whether you like it or not right now, you are going to be stuck with the people in your class for the next 4 years and you will all be really really close by the end of it no matter what."

Preston Varozza committed to swim for The University of Texas at Austin. He will study either Marketing or Sports Management.

Adam Toler committed to swim for Trinity University.  He is the recipient of the Trinity Tower Scholarship and will study Biology/Pre-Med. After graduating, he plans to attend medical school in Texas and specialize in Forensic Pathology or Emergency Medicine.  Adam shares these words of wisdom with the current and future team, "Again I saw that under the sun the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor riches to the intelligent, nor favor to those with knowledge, but time and chance happen to them all (Ecc. 9:11). Therefore, never give up."

Joshua Allen plans to attend Purdue University in the Fall, majoring in Computer Science. He is a member of National Honor Society at Westwood and plans to pursue a career in Cyber Security.

Mayna Nguyen will attend The University of Texas at Austin and study Biomedical Engineering. Her advice to the future team is, "Cherish the memories and little things with your teammates! They don't last forever."

Billy Li was accepted into the Plan II Honors program at The University of Texas at Austin. He will study Business.  After graduating he plans to go to graduate school and live a happy life. His advice to future Warriors is, "no ragrets" and "you do you"!

Alicia Lenci plans to study Chemical Engineering at The University of Michigan. She's not quite sure where life will take her after college but says to the future team, "Enjoy your time in high school, it will be over before you know it!"

Claire Mahoney will attend The University of Texas at Austin and study Nutrition and Pharmacy. After graduating she plans to become a Pharmacist. Her advice to future Warriors is, "Get involved with the team because they will become your family."

Marley Kotick plans to attend West Texas A&M for a year and then transfer to Texas A&M University to study Primary Education with the goal of becoming an Elementary School teacher.