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2017-18 Booster Club Board: 

Role Name Contact
President  Ellen Hebert
Vice President  Kellyn Bradford
Treasurer  Dirk Early
Secretary  Tracy LeBlanc
Booster Board

 Ellen Hebert

 Kellyn Bradford

 Dirk Early

 Tracy LeBlanc

Click here for descriptions of all volunteer positions.

 2017-18 Volunteer Leads: 

Role Name Contact
Accolades/Academic Honors

 James Sparrow (L)

 Ajai Narayan
Athlete After District Party  Laurie Evans  

 Tracy Nguyen (L)
Communications Volunteer  Vacant  
District Meet

 Tracy LeBlanc (L)

Diving  Lisa Apfelberg (L)
Fundraising - Distance Challenge

 Kellyn Bradford (L)

 Veronica Garza

 Jinx Christenson
Fundraising - Garage Sale


Fundraising - Silent Auction

 Wendy Betron (Host)

 Kellyn Bradford (L) 
Meet Officials

 Feng Wang (L)

 Jinx Christenson

 Steve Christenson

 Christophe Castel
Head Timer  Scott Bradford (L)

 Nathalie Novoa (L)

 Chuck Thomas
Holiday Party Host Nathalie Novoa (L)
Hospitality Volunteers

 Minna Riser (L)

 Ann Nguyen

 Kirsten Seale

 Tracy LeBlanc
Senior Coordinators

 Binh Truong (L)

 Elena Skouratova (L)


 Michael Louie (L)

 Veronica Garza
Team Gear

 Mari Greene (L)

 Barbara Sparrow
Team Photographer  Kellyn Bradford (L)
Team Spaghetti Dinner

 Lisa Apfelberg (L)

 Veronica Garza

 Karen Ogle
Team Spirit



 Jen Castelino (L)

 Minh Truong


(L) - Denotes Lead

Click here for document with volunteer position descriptions.