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The purpose of the Westwood Swim & Dive Team Booster Club is to support the athletes of the Westwood High School Swimming and Diving Team and their activities through donations of time, energy and fundraising.  

Westwood Swim & Dive Team Bylaws (updated 06-Oct-2015)

RRISD Booster Club Guidelines 


Athlete Directory:  All Familes of new and returning swimmers - Please click on the link and  fill in the requested information.  This directory will be used by the booster club to communicate important information for you and your athletes throughout the swim season.  

Athlete and Family info form



Retreat Release Form

WS&DT Senior Scholarship Application

Letter Jacket Patch Form

Distance Challenge Donation Letter

Silent Auction Donation Letter

Check Request Form

Booster Club Meetings: 
Booster club meetings are normally held in the coach's classroom at Westwood - #E2303