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2018 District Swim Meet

With over twenty-five years of winning tradition, the Westwood Varsity Swimming and Diving Team is a group of athletes dedicated to their Team, their School and their Sport. Challenging workouts are mixed with team-focused community activities, fund-raisers, trips, and the occasional party.

Membership Requirements:
In order to be considered for membership on the Westwood Varsity Swim and Dive Team all athletes must attend and participate in the scheduled summer tryouts and be committed to being a part of our team. 

Swim Season:
August through late February.

Practice is mandatory for swimmers. Divers have individualized practice schedules.

White Days : Mon-Fri  7:50-9:30am  Waterloo Swimming

Orange Days: Mon-Thur  6:50-8:00am  Westwood HS weight room

Orange Day: Fri  6:30-8:00am  Waterloo Swimming 

Swim Meets:
Dual meets: Early fall

Invitationals: Late fall and winter months

District, Region, and State competitions: January through February 

Pool Information:

 Practice Pool
Waterloo Swimming
12332 N FM 620 
Austin TX 78750 map

Home Meet Pool
Anderson Mill Pool
10701 School House Ln
Austin TX 78750 map