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2021 QB RJ Martinez Is Showing Height Doesn’t Determine Playmaking Ability

2021 QB RJ Martinez Is Showing Height Doesn’t Determine Playmaking Ability

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2021 QB RJ Martinez Is Showing Height Doesn't Determine Playmaking Ability


2021 Round Rock Westwood High School (TX) Quarterback RJ Martinez had to overcome people telling him he's too short to play quarterback and he wasn't good enough to be a starter.

"My family and future motivate me because one day I want to have a job that consists of coaching football and my family means the world to me. They put time and effort [in] for me to be where I am today," he said.

Martinez's love for football grew after going to youth football games as a kid and telling his dad he wanted to be a part of the sport. He realized he had the talent to play football in the fifth grade when his team in went to nationals in Florida.

Speaking of Florida, Martinez said that the University of Florida Alum and former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow motivated him through his leadership and character during his football career.

The 5'11, 179-pound, Cedar Park, TX native has a good presence of mind to scramble out of the pocket when he needs to. When he does so, he can make plays with his legs. In terms of throwing the football, he has a strong arm and he is also accurate with the football. Check out his highlights.

"I think the best part is my ability to extend plays to give us another opportunity to get yards whether that's to scrabble and throw downfield or tuck it and run."

As a sophomore, he's open to any school that would like to recruit him and growing up he watched Texas A&M, Baylor, and Texas Tech a great deal.

"I've grown a lot in a span of about a year, I've learned a lot of new lessons (composure, leadership, etc.) that translate on the field and off the field and into my future," he said about how far he's come from year one to year two.

Off the field, he has aspirations to be a football coach and had this to say about Round Rock Westwood Warriors Head Coach Anthony Wood.

"…My coach Anthony Wood is inspiring me to be a coach every day. He tells us every day that he loves what he does and can't believe he's getting paid to coach us. I have the same attitude when it comes to football."

An NFL Quarterback RJ Martinez models his game after Seattle Seahawk and Super Bowl Champion Quarterback Russell Wilson because he still gets the job done despite not having prototypical size for the position. Martinez loves that he scrambles out of the pocket to pass, not to run.

RJ Martinez enjoys being the leader of the team and taking responsibility I enjoy being the leader of the team and taking responsibility for the outcome of games good or bad.

"I just challenge my teammates to give it all they have because they know I will."