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Q&A with Senior Swimmer Evelyn Ngo

What events do you swim for Westwood ?

100 Fly and 200 IM

What is your best memory you have had in the pool?

My freshman  year at one of the championship meets, the seniors had just swam their last event ever for Westwood and they were all hugging and crying and in tears.  As a freshman who made regionals, they encompassed me and the other freshmen in their hug and this was the first moment I really felt apart of the  prestige that Westwood swim represented.

 What is the best thing about being a Warrior swimmer?

The family is really enormous and though I wouldn’t have gravitated toward them outside of swim, getting to know them through our common interest of swim has allowed me to meet people I wouldn’t have met before.


What is your favorite thing about Westwood High School?

The teachers have been an amazing part of my high school experience, shaping how I think and who I’ve become.

What is your favorite class and teacher at Westwood?

IB Biology and Mrs. Brooks

What teams do you root for outside of the Warriors?

UT swimming and other collegiate swimmers

What is something that no one know about you?

When I get nervous before a race, I trace out cursive letters with my thumb on my fingers.

What is the best advice someone has given you?

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. So go for it.

What advice would you give to someone that wants to be a Westwood Warrior Athlete?

Academics and athletics can be difficult to balance sometime, but the beauty of a team at Westwood is that there are always people who have your back to motivate you and keep you going.