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Q&A with Westwood Basketball player Anish Maddipoti


What sports do you play for Westwood ?

Basketball and I used to run Cross Country

What is your best memory you have had playing for the Warriors?

Last year when we played Stony Point, we were down by one.  Their point guard was dribbling the ball and I stole it, was off balance and missed the shot, but my teammates were there quickly, grabbed the rebound and made the put back giving us the win with 1 second left.

 What is the best thing about being a Warrior Athlete?

Compared to other schools, Westwood is just different.  We aren't the most athletic, but we win smarter and that helps us in a variety of fields not just the court.

What is your favorite thing about Westwood High School?

Probably the community.  It's a very supportive community whether it is 

athletics or academics.  You never feel alone, there is always someone 

there to support you.


What is your favorite class and teacher at Westwood?

I have had a lof of fun classes but probably AP World History with Mrs. Matthews.  She has such infusive personality and she makes learning from.  The envrionment never felt like an AP class.  Just a class where the learning was fun.

What teams do you root for outside of the Warriors?

Houston Rockets and Denver Broncos.

What is the best advice someone has given you?

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

What advice would you give to someone that wants to be a Warrior Athlete?

Being a student athlete at Westwood isn't easy but you'll realize that it pays off in many other ways.